Saving Energy At Home Whilst On Holiday

Admit it, when packing for your latest jaunt away, making sure you were saving energy at home whilst sat on a beach in Tenerife or somewhere else in the Canary Islands was not your first thought was it?

To be honest, many will probably not even think about it at all. But when you think of the money you could raise by saving energy at home, you could actually earn enough to pay for another holiday! So careful consideration of energy efficiency and saving energy is something not to be ignored.

One consideration people might actually think of, without realising it can relate to saving energy at home, is the idea of having a light on to detract would be burglars. Obviously leaving a light on whilst you are not home is not exactly a good way to save energy, but obviously your rationale for doing so is valid. Instead of just leaving lights on then, why not look at timers which turn the light on at regular times each day? This will obviously maintain the illusion someone is at home, but will obviously help with saving energy at home in your absence.

One way to bypass this completely is to just keep blinds and curtains closed. Of course an issue here is this will show no-one is in, although combined with the automatic lights it should be more than sufficient. Closing curtains will help keep the heat in too, hence providing you with another way of saving energy at home whilst you are out and about on holiday.

Next are gadgets, gizmos and appliances. If you’re serious about saving energy at home when do not leave any of these simply sat on standby. You will be wasting energy unnecessarily by leaving stuff such as TV’s on standby, so simply don’t do it. In fact, your best course of action is to unplug them entirely if you don’t have one of the handy plugs which disconnects the power of multiple devices if the main TV is not turned on. Don’t forget the little things like clocks and phone chargers, unplugging these will help you when it comes to saving energy at home.

Speaking of appliances, one which is always good at consuming a lot of energy is the refrigerator. Whilst it is always recommended to stuff it as full as you can in order to help with saving energy at home when you’re there, it may be more beneficial to unplug it entirely in order to help with saving energy at home in your absence. In fact a good defrost is a great way to keep the fridge in top condition so if you’ve not got much to store and are away for a pro-longed period look to do this.

Alternatively, should you only be going for a short time, or worried about turning it off entirely, why not simply turn it down a little bit, 42 degrees is sufficient for the fridge and if you have a fridge-freezer, 5 degrees is enough for the freezer.

There you have it, whilst on a sunny beach somewhere in the Med forgetting all your worries, by following these tips on saving energy at home whilst on holiday, you won’t be brought crashing down to earth by your electricity bill upon your return!

Holidays are great fun and a way to leave your troubles behind. This article reminds holiday-goers however, that saving energy at home is just as important whilst they are away, as when they are home. ScottishPower are a well-known and trusted supplier of energy.