Oriental Bank of Commerce Net Banking – From Matter to Fact

Today, we are living in the Internet era where everything can be done online. A greater sum of individuals are using Internet for distinctive processes for example buying clothes online, paying bills, giving entrance tests, working online, making phone calls and much more. Banking is no exception to it. In fact, this quarter has made fascinating elevation than any other sector. Instead of going to the bank, then holding up in a long queue for an updation of bank statement or make transactions, you with a single click of a mouse can transfer money, check your balance or pay your bills even during the non-banking hours and print your billing statement in your pajamas within the comfort and privacy of your living room. It is a time and cash saver. Oriental Bank of commerce net banking is quite a handful in this regard. It is an undertaking of Indian Government that volunteers full-fledged services to its clients. The bank of free of expense services and the authorized customers can see their records anytime and anyplace.
Advantages of Net Banking offered by Oriental Bank:
 The authorized customer can make NEFT/RTGS transactions without bringing about any expense.
 One can make e-FDRs/e-CRDs online utilizing the net banking facility offered by bank.
 An individual can pay utility bills online such as electricity, telephone, mobile, credit cards, mutual funds etc.
 At times, the customer can even exchange their mails by means of internet banking.
 The banking services can also be used for booking air or railway tickets online.
 Transfer of cash through RGS facility is accessible.
 Online DD or online cheques can be created via Oriental Bank of Commerce net banking feature.
 Oriental Bank of Commerce offers NRI services and cash management services to the customers.
 Fixed account online can be opened by a person with the help of net banking facility provided by bank.
 One can make use of the facility of stop payment of cheques, clearing instruments and cheque status of inquiry provided by bank.
 Customer can also make donations and make credit card payments.
 Customers who apply for net banking in OBC Bank are also offered ATM cards which are subjected to web banking for correct functioning.
Procedure to apply for net banking in OBC Bank
1. Firstly download the form of OBC net banking provision from http://www.obcindia.co.in/obcnew/site/internet_banking.aspx. The login option is available at the homepage of bank’s website.
2. Secondly, fill the application form and submit it at the nearest branch of the bank.
3. The account will be actuated within two to three days.
4. Change the login credentials promptly, provided to you by logging on to the net banking portal of the bank.
5. If you desire u can visit http://www.obcindia.co.in/obcnew/site/internet_banking.aspx for this reason.
6. You can conjointly apply for the net banking feature by gathering the form from the branch wherever you submitted the application form.
7. This will help in fastenactment of your net banking facility.
If a client has any queries he/she can send an email to the authority email id. You can visit http://www.obcindia.co.in/obcnew/site/Complaint_Form.aspx for filing offline or online exceptions. Therefore, apply for net banking in OBC Bank and relish the services.

Banking sector has emerged in all dimensions and many banks have opened up in the recent past. Rohit Pandey, the author, has explained one such bank – oriental bank of commerce net banking with the introduction of net banking.