Manage your money efficiently with State Bank of India Net Banking

State Bank of India is considered to be one of the biggest network banks in the country with 15000 branches and five associated bank which one can find even in the most remote regions of India. State Bank of India or popularly addressed as SBI provides an assortment of its banking products cum services to different retail and corporate customers of which State Bank of India Net Banking is star.
SBI net banking is managing your banking operation online without visiting the physical brick and mortar bank which is far from your home and office. ONLINE SBI is a dedicated internet banking portal which serves the needs of individuals who wish to engage in net banking. This portal offers access to your bank accounts – from anywhere at any time. No matter whom you are – a corporate customers or a retail customer, this facility is open for all, provided you have opted for it. The online portal of SBI is developed using the state-of-the-art technologies and tools. SBI’s online portal is built up of infrastructure which supports secure and unified access to the banking services for the accounts which are spread over 15000 branches of India.
State Bank of India Net Banking provides personal as well corporate banking services which provide complete control over your different banking needs. Wish transferring funds, wish paying taxes or check your account balance? Try the SBI’s net banking.
Here are some features of Online Portal of SBI –
* Transfer funds to any account – your own or third party
* Various online deposit products at your disposal
* Book hotel, air, bus, rail tickets online
* Instant recharge and online shopping facilities
* Transfer funds through IMPS
* Pay your credit card bills issued by SBI or any other bank
* Take advantage of IPO and DEMAT services
* Pay your bills online
* Pay your tax online
* Set up scheduling payments and standing instructions
* Generate account statements
* Credit the beneficiary accounts via NEFT facility
* Western Union Money Transfer
Now that you know the features, let us move towards the benefits of online SBI banking –
* Banking services at your doorstep. Operate your bank accounts by sitting on your couch.
* Online portal made efficiently with checker model to make sure of integrity and security of the transactions.
* Round the clock banking services
* Time saving and economical
* Saves paper by not printing your details – promotes green revolution
* Beat the traffic and queues by paying bills, shopping, booking tickets and hotels online
* Pay e-tax without waiting too much
Wondering if you can avail the State Bank of India Net Banking services? Well it is yes you can. No matter you rare operating personal bank account or corporate one, you can use the net banking portal and enjoy its benefits.
How to use SBI online portal?
If you wish to use this facility, you must have a bank account at State Bank of India. Apply for net banking by filling the net banking form. In 2-3 days, you will get your ID and password which you either have to collect from the bank yourself or it is posted to the address you have mentioned in the form.
Once you have your ID and password, log on to this path – Make sure you login to the respective banking service – Personal or Corporate (depends which you own). After you have logged in, first time users will have to change their password for security reasons. Remember that this password will help you log in again, so save this password and keep it confidential. After logging in, you can perform different banking functions from your office or home and enjoy net banking services of SBI.

Banks in India have evolved with the changing needs and priorities of common man. The writer, Rohit Pandey has come with this specific bank – State Bank of India Net Banking to help the readers and making them get an insight into the Net banking world.