Transformations In Retail And Commerce With Digital Technology

The country is in the middle of a large migration from traditional brick-and-mortar to digital commerce, with consumers moving from dining in eateries to ordering online or via app. Noodles & Company, for its part, has implemented enhancements such as curbside pickup. In technology, private peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain networks can help streamline data flows connected to cross-border payments, while in initial public offerings (IPOs), stock exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong halted the looming Ant Group IPO. All this, Today in Data.


2017: The launch year of blockchain-based Interbank Information Network, which was recently rebranded as Liink.

60%: Portion of Noodles & Company’s business that was comprised of off-premises dining even before COVID-19.

50%: Share of consumers who have paid via digital wallet in the past three months.

33%: Percentage of Ant Group that is owned by Alibaba.

19M: Number of consumers who have shifted from dining in restaurants to ordering from eateries online or via app.