Saving The Environment With A Showerhead That’s Water Saving

Heard about a water saving showerhead before? Your local plumber or home renovator might have told you about it. And for a good reason: they want you to save water. But how good is a water saving showerhead really?

Do water saving shower heads compromise shower quality? It depends. We all have individual and personal preferences for a good shower. The definition of a good shower is not the same for everyone. Which is why your local home builder store offers a variety of showerheads to suit people’s taste and needs. Many opponents of water saving showerhead say they feel shortchanged by the reduced pressure in the water. The tendency is for them to take a longer-than-usual shower to make up for the less water pressure. This, of course, naturally cancels out the showerhead water savings. Consequently, they don’t bother installing the water-saving showerhead anymore. One sure thing though, We all like a good shower,

Traditional Vs. New

How clean do we really need to be? We live in a society that emphasizes and puts a premium on beauty and cleanliness, which isn’t bad. Showering is a must, but since we shower everyday, we can make a big difference in the amount of water saving we do for the planet. But certainly don’t need that much water every time we shower. Do water saving shower heads compromise shower quality? Some people think a showerhead water saving isn’t worth it, for every shower they take. As if a frugal low-flow showerhead shortchanges them somehow, in terms of amount of water, and the water pressure. Consequently, even if they installed a water-saving shower head, the tendency is for them to take longer showers each time. What happens is that they’re actually spending the same amount of water as showering without any water-saving devices at all. So, the question remains, To water saving showerhead or not to water saving showerhead?

Shower with a Friend

Other types of showerheads are also available. The most common probably is the manual type which lets you control temperature by turning on hot and cold taps and mixing the right flow till you get the right warmth you need. On the other hand, an electric shower saves you energy because it heats up only the hot water which you need for your shower. The flow, however, still depends on the main water pressure. This is why you need a Low-flow water saving shower head, to restrict and limit the flow of water. These restrictors may compromise water flow, but thankfully, there are restrictors nowadays, which intelligently detects and maintain and adjusts the water pressure so the ideal gpm can be reached. Other features to look out for are new water saving showerheads that incorporate air into the water, oxygenizing water so to speak.

In the End

But don’t just stop at the bathroom. Installing a water saving showerhead is one thing. Installing water-saving devices in all the other areas of your house, and using water wisely as a good practice to teach yourself and your kids is better. Ultimately, we are all winners.

Save the environment with a Water Saving Showerheads. It’s the only guilt-free way to shower. Your Licensed Plumber will gladly recommend the top brands.