Google Search Debuts ‘Watchlist’ For TV, Movie Tracking

Those looking for a way to keep up with what movies they want to watch will have a new Google tool to do so, according to the website 9to5google.

Google’s new tool will allow users to add TV shows and movies to categories for things they’ve watched and want to watch. If the content is available on YouTube, there will be a button that says ‘Watch Now’ available next to the title. And if it’s in theaters, users will have access to a link to buy tickets.

The function will allow users to add titles to a ‘Collection’ page where they can scroll through a list of items with pictures.

According to 9to5google, the service is tied to Google’s broader bookmark feature, spanning across Search, Maps and the internet.

The tool has been rolling out gradually over the last few days. As of Sunday night, it was primarily available on mobile devices, according to internet sources. Many users were confused about the app, according to comments on Reddit, as it appeared with no real warning.

Entertainment has been taking on new forms as social media and tech evolve. Google announced a game streaming service in March which allows users to stream games from the internet to devices they own, as opposed to spending money on new game systems and other accessories.

Called Stadia, it was eventually released later in 2019, albeit to a rocky start and skepticism from those familiar with internet streaming platforms.

Google also announced that they’d be bringing a Play Points reward program to the United States, where users could accumulate points from various eBooks, magazines, movies and other things, and use them to access discounts, credits and more.

Movie streaming site Netflix recently took over the classic Paris Theater in New York City, which they plan to use for movie screenings. The theater, which had been operating since 1948, closed in August.