Features To Look For In A Water Saving Toilet

We’ve learned that water is not an endless resource; we have to constantly recycle, clean, purify, and treat it, before circulating it back. That’s why water saving toilets are becoming more popular these days especially now that people have taken to saving the environment in their own little ways. The bathroom is a good venue to save the environment since all of us are dependent on water.

Nuts and Bolts

The most important thing to know about water saving toilets would have to be its nuts and bolts. Pressure assisted flushing, for example, makes use of compressed air to clean the toilet more efficiently as compared to the traditional toilet that relies on the water and gravity. The dual flush toilet, on the other hand, offers you an option to get rid of liquid waste with lesser water by using its half-flush feature. The full-flush will then be reserved for solid waste removal. There are also other options such as Gravity Fed Toilets and Power Assist Toilets that are all considerable improvements to the older models. However, you should note that whatever technology you choose, having it adhere to the benchmarks of a high efficiency toilet (HET) is the way to assure you that you would actually be saving water. Flushing twice, for instance, in order to clean your toilet, would mean that its purpose is defeated.

Toilet Design

Design should always be paired with function. The best design for the best water saving toilet is one that caters to the needs of the bathroom user. Not every bathroom user is the same, especially when you take into consideration that some people have disabilities. Definitely, you would have to take into account their special needs. It’s not just enough for a toilet to be water saving; it also has to be comfortable. Choosing a chair with the right height and shape is important. Chair heights, for example, can go as high as 17 inches, but it all depends on individual preferences. For the bowl shape, traditional round front bowls are still available, or if you have limited bathroom space, you can go for elongated bowls which are more compact. Just remember to accurately measure your bathroom space before you commit to any particular brand or model of water saving toilet and fixtures.

Other Factors

Consult with your plumber to determine if your existing Bonita Springs plumbing can accommodate the requirements of your new toilet. Checking the size of the flush valve can also contribute to saving more water. The larger the toilet flapper, the more it aids in the water flow. The sizes that starts from 4 inches and up, will release the water into the bowl significantly faster than the smaller ones. You can also check the exit hole of the waste or the outlet size. The bigger size will also help in flushing out the waste out of the bowl faster than the smaller ones.

Installing a water saving toilet need not be a burden if you work with your trusted plumber. He can even give you an idea of the budget needed for such project. This way, you can be assured that your new toilet would indeed save you water as intended.

Want a greener home? Try installing Water Saving Toilet in your bathroom. Your Bonita Springs Plumbing expert will help you.