Citi Initiative Will Focus On Digital Experiences For Corporates

Citi’s Institutional Clients Group (ICG) is developing a unified approach to its electronic platforms with a particular emphasis on corporate clients.

ICG is focused on all of Citi’s non-consumer businesses with clients including top corporations and financial institutions.

The group, which has been focusing on further digitizing the bank’s processes during the global pandemic, will now have a new initiative headed by Sandeep Arora, global head of FinTech and Innovation with Citi Markets, with concentration on “delivering and building the best client digital experiences, across all product lines and all channels, with a priority focus on corporate clients,” according to an email.

The project will especially try to make sure that the content, analytics, transactions and post-transaction services are able to be accessed in a digital manner, the email states.

Arora will be backed up by a team of electronics platforms officials from various businesses, and Emily Turner, head of ICG Innovation and Business Development, the email states.

The goal of the project will be to ensure that digital experiences with Citi are engaging and have an end-to-end strategy that meets every possible need. The email states that the new outreach will look at digital brands, marketing, analytics and metrics, and making sure that the company is sufficiently invested in the new digital world.

The new group will ensure that there is a cross-ICG strategy that encompasses the needs of corporates, investors and individuals, the email states.

The coronavirus pandemic, which has forced people to stay home for fear of contracting the virus, has necessitated sweeping and instantaneous changes in the way that people do business. Banks have had to adjust, too, as fears of touching much-used digital screens or interacting with tellers has created a strain that previously did not exist.

According to Jeff Bender, vice president of digital solutions at Diebold Nixdorf, the “new normal” for banks could constitute more touchless and cardless services, eliminating the old need for plastic cards and ATMs.