Bringing Your Business to Get Noticed by Angel Match Investors

Finding funds for your business is anything but easy today. Thanks for the internet that has made communication easier otherwise it would have been next to the most difficult job to get hold of investors to invest in your business. Were it not for the internet, only a privileged few would have found funds to start/run their business.

Though the article starts on a nondescript motion, things are not as difficult that it seems. Angel investors are there for your help and they will be more than happy to assist you with funding. However there is a certain problem that plagues even good businesses even before they start off – lack of communication or in the worst case, your request not reaching the concerned authority at all! Here are some points that would help you bring your business to the notice of the investors.

* Introduction and Recommendation: A worker is as good as his tools and if he is a skilled worker, even somewhat bad tools will work for him. If you’ve good communication skills and a great business idea, all you need is an introduction/recommendation to convince the investors and assure them of hefty profits, provided they invest in your business. Now ideally, the recommendations should come from a person or an organization that has previously worked with the angel investment firm and has a good track record.

If that is not possible, there is no problem at all – any good industry recognized person would also suffice. You need to build on your recommendation with a solid project as a backup to silence your critics.

* Networking with Professionals: Networking always helps; especially if you have a website that makes people interested in your idea. Having a website will help your investors have easy access to you and also keep them interested. The website will also be a sort of prototype of the full working model.

You can build your networking with your website faster than you could think.

* Companies dealing with Portfolios: Work is these days outsourced to deal with a greater workload, reduce the logs of files pending at the office. If you can make it through companies dealing with the same thing, there is a good chance that you can get an appointment with an angel investment company. They are professionals that filter the ‘seemingly’ best ideas to investment companies.

The trick is to not play down all your cards but dangle a carrot in front of them to secure an appointment.

* Using the Alumni Network: Going back to your alma-mater (if you’re out of college) or setting up meeting with the alumni network of your college, always helps. Whether you believe it or not, your professors will always be ready to help their students whenever they are in need. Chances are high that the alumni network recommends you to an angel investor. And if you’re a lucky one, an ex-student could also be a part of the angel investment company that you’re looking at!

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